India is a country which breathes cricket, but in a population of 132 crores, there exist 2 young individuals who fell in love with a sport which requires concentration and effort of the highest order.

You might not recognise these twins, but they have won a total of 54(1 international) and 53 medals(5 international) respectively. These 14 year old twins, Pratham Tated and Priyam Tated have become the torchbearers for skating in Visakhapatnam. Sports Authority of Andhra Pradesh got in touch with these young talents and we got to know them and their aspirations for the future.

Who inspired you to become a roller skater?

At the age of 3, we started skating. Our elder sister Divya Tated inspired us to get into skating. We didn’t know much about skating but we started after watching her.

Our readers would like to know about your branch of skating. Tell us about it.

Skating is of two kinds: roller skating and ice skating. Skating has mainly three disciplines: speed, artistic and hockey. We are into artistic skating. We perform artistic in both roller and ice.

Can you tell us something about your training schedule?

We wake up at 5 A.M. From five to six, we have fitness practice at our home. Then we have our skating practice till 8 A.M. Then we go to school and after coming back, we practice from 6 to 9.

How strict are your family members when it comes to skating?

Our father is very strict. We are given mobiles only when we go abroad or when we go to other cities. We don’t have any electronic gadgets with us; we only have books and skates in front of us.

Is there any competition or some healthy rivalry between you both?

Pratham- At some point in the starting, it was there. Now he is better than me.

Priyam- We never felt like that. We both started when we were young. We are very friendly.

How do you prepare yourselves before any important tournament? Does anyone of you get nervous?

Pratham- We practice with music to get synced up with the beats. Our coaches P Satyam and K Chitti make sure that we are prepared. Sometimes my brother gets nervous but I am like “Okay, chalta hai”

Priyam: I keep my costumes ready; I keep practicing my programs a lot and I try not to be nervous. I don’t talk to anyone before 3 hours of the tournament. I also have some sentiments like I have my hair cut before the tournament; I have my nails cut before the tournament.

What has been your most memorable moment in skating so far?

Pratham: Winning the bronze medal at the 11th Malaysian Open and getting 5th place at the 54th national games. I got a memento after my dance and the entire audience was shocked after seeing my performance.

Priyam: It was the 9th National Ice Skating Championship. It was my first national championship and I won gold over there. I was completely surprised as I was in the canteen eating Kurkure and my sister came and told me that I have won gold.

What are your goals for this year?

Pratham: I want to win a medal at the All India Challenge which will be taking place in Delhi on the 22nd of April. I also want to win a medal at the Asians which will be taking place in Bangkok this year.

Priyam: I want to win a gold medal at the world skate championship taking place in France this year.

What are your dreams?

Pratham: I want to become a pilot

Priyam: I want to become an Olympic champion in 2024.

Roller sports is going to be a part of the 2020 Olympics and it might get featured in 2024 too; who knows whether these young kids might bring home the coveted gold medal for India.

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